Welcome to the Yogasara website!

We are currently in the throws of a long awaited site update. Please feel free to peruse our calendar, get in contact or call us on 07786 928 458.

You can find the studio at: 10-12 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA

We also have some wonderful workshops that you can get involved with through our Meetup page.

You will Find awesome classes here at Yogasara, some of them led (where the teacher leads you) and some ‘empowerment classes‘ to help you develop your own dynamic and empowered practice.

We also have some great weekend events for you and an advanced teacher training course coming up.

Our Summer Retreats are coming on line soon, and so is our 2016 India retreat.

At Yogasara, we have some of the very best teachers in Bristol and the UK for your access.

Come and check out the community at Yogasara. Come and Find your yoga family.