At Yogasara we believe in teaching high quality yoga and building real community.

Yogasara LogoYogasara Studio was co-founded by us Christopher Gladwell & Sarah Harlow in 2008. Born out of our shared vision to create a dedicated space for yoga & other creative & healing arts.

The studio has been lovingly created to offer you an oasis in the city, a sacred space to come & re-vitalise your body-mind & soul. We are passionate about the essence of Yoga- Yogasara means “the Essence of Yoga”, so set up the studio as a Community Interest Company , with a view to putting people & planet before profit.

We have gathered some of the best teachers in Bristol, most of whom have qualified above and beyond the standard 200 hours, so that we can offer you a very high standard of teaching. Join Yogasara, discover inspired teaching, deepen your practice, share your gifts and talents and build a vibrant Yoga scene that focuses on health, clarity, creativity, well-being and the evolution of consciousness within our society.

Yogasara is home to a group of talented teachers who offer classes, courses and workshops in diverse styles of yoga, movement and meditation. We combine a broad range of experience and expertise to provide a multidisciplinary centre for excellence in Yoga.

We also host regular social events to support a community of practice focused on lifelong enjoyment of good health.

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner you will find what you are looking for at Yogasara.