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Yogasara Foundation Course

Immerse yourself in yoga!

March – September 2019

An invitation to come and deepen your practice of Yoga & Tantra over seven months.

Eight days of diving into the empowerment, healing & wellbeing available through yoga. Our teaching is rooted in Tantric philosophy- offering you a synergy of contemporary and traditional wisdom.

Starting 19th October 2018

Tantric Meditation – Waking Up To What Is Real

Eight evenings of exploration and practice.

Using the senses and sense fields we will explore a range of meditative practices from more traditional and contemporary schools of Tantra.

All of these practices are ways of entering into full embodied presence. In Tantra every aspect of our existence is understood as pure and divine.

When we have been culturally conditioned to view ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe, our hearts and minds and bodies as separate, self and other as separate then the teachings of Tantra help to fully resolve this illusion through intelligent contemplative practices that undermine this conditioning and show it for the lie it is…

Level 1 – Yoga for Beginners 6 week course

New to yoga or looking for a refresh on the foundations of practice?

Starts 8th November 2018

In Level One we explore how our bodies move and link this to our breath. Discover the Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskara) breaking down each asana (posture) within it and looking at the steps/stages (Kramas) to achieve each posture. Combined with breathing practices and the introduction of the Yogic Philosophies of Patanjali’s Yamas & Niyamas

Level 2 – Yoga for Beginners 6 week course

New to yoga or looking for a refresh on the foundations of practice?

Starts 8th November 2018

In Level Two we explore the Standing Asanas including Warrior 1,2,3 & 4, Balances and much more ….Again with a kramic approach incorporating Pranayama (Breath work) and looking deeper into the Yogic Philosophies including the Life Energy Systems/Maps of the Prana Vayus & The Koshas.

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Yogasara Continued Professional Development Certificated Course

September – December 2018

Applied Anatomy & physiology & Hands on Facilitation Intensive.

60 hour IYN (Independent Yoga Network) accredited CPD course.

6 days & 6 hours assisting 6 hours study

Yoga & Wellbeing – bring the essence of yoga into your everyday life

 Starting January 2019

There is so much yoga available these days, it can feel like a circus, adding to feelings of inadequacy, comparison, worry, self doubt – taking us away from the essence of yoga.

We are all different; in our range of movement, patterns in our minds, where we hold stress and how we breathe. Sometimes yoga can feel like we are trying to fit our bodies into shapes……… this course will help you embrace those differences and know how to work with rather than against them.

This 5 day course will cover the 4 cornerstones of a yoga practice…

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Starting September 2019


The Yogasara Advanced Teacher Training is an exciting journey designed to take you and your teaching to new depths.

This training will lead to a 500 hour Independent Yoga Network (IYN) Qualification. IYN are one of the UK’s leading accreditors who require above average standards. You can rest assured you will complete the course with real depth and integrity as well as a professional qualification…

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Starting in April 2020


More details soon!