Yoga-Tantra Advanced Teacher Training Course – The Journey Of Initiation



  • Sept 23-24th
  • Oct 21-22th
  • Nov 25-26th
  • Dec 16-17th


  • Jan 27-28th
  • Feb 24-25th
  • Mar 24-25th
  • Apr 28-29th
  • May 26-27
  • Jun 30th – July 1st
  • Retreat July 28th – August 8th


Assessment will be through feedback after presentations, written assignments, project work and liaison with your apprentice teacher, group teaching sessions, a practical teaching exam and interview with course leaders. You will be asked to keep a record of all classes & workshops you attend during the duration of the course.


200+ hour Yogasara Graduates any other 200 hour graduate, or foundation course graduate. You must also have a regular yoga practice i.e 1-2 classes a week &/or some home practice. You do not have to be teaching already.


Costs cover all tutorials/teaching, teaching assessments, apprenticeship, food & accommodation at the retreat. Does not include travel to retreat centre, reading materials or cost of attending senior teachers classes.

10 weekends plus 12-day retreat & apprenticeship hours – £2795 with a non-refundable deposit of £500.

After the deposit has been paid we offer payment options which include:

A 5% discount if you pay the full amount in one payment. £2655.25.

2 payments of £1147.50 / 4 payments of £573.75 or 6 payments of £382.50.

We can also negotiate a monthly or other payment plans to enable you to participate- please ask for details.


hours will be arranged with our course leaders (tutors) with teacher(s) of your choice, who meet our standards and who will enable you to cover areas of experience you and your tutor feel you need. This can be arranged at times/ dates to suit you, they don’t need to be completed in the same calendar year as the course, but need to be completed in order to graduate.

Application Process

To ensure you receive the support that you deserve we usually limit the group to max of 25 participants, so early application is recommended. If you are not a Yogasara graduate you need to attend one of Sarah or Christopher’s Classes so we can meet you and see where you are in your practice. You will then be invited to an informal interview with Sarah and/or Christopher. Check the Yogasara timetable for Sarah & Christopher’s classes.


We offer you a 20% discount on the cost of all drop in classes with Chris and Sarah at Yogasara for the duration of the course and 10% discount on workshops offered by Chris or Sarah for the duration of the course.


Yogasara studio, Picton St, Montpelier BS6 5JQ


Christopher: 07786 928 458

Sarah: 07789 501 884


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300 hours leading to 500 hour IYN (Independent Yoga Network) teaching qualification.

The Yogasara Yoga-Tantra Advanced Teacher Training offers you the depth and support you need for your own transformation on a personal level and for the transition from student to teacher.

This training is an Initiatory journey and you will be well supported and challenged to enable you to qualify as a teacher with confidence, genuine knowledge and expertise generated through your own direct experiences.

This course is available to 200+ hour Yogasara graduates and graduates from other 200 hour courses, who want to go a whole lot deeper into Yoga & Tantra.

This course will take you to a new level by offering you opportunity to study and practice in depth. We invite you to reach deep inside yourself so that your teaching will overflow with grace and authenticity.

Course content…

The training happens over 11 weekends and a 12 Day retreat. You will also apprentice a senior teacher for 25 hours, attend at least 25 hours of senior teachers classes and we recommend you attend other relevant workshops of your choice that will add to your personal development &/or growth as a teacher.You will also complete written assignments, undertake research, give presentations to and teach your fellow students and be asked to review/reflect on your teaching experiences.

Each weekend will weave together the multifaceted aspects of yoga, practice & theory, personal development & teaching methods, to allow you to translate your own practice through the lens of the teacher.

Embodiment – We will practice in depth and study the physical postures, cultivate somatic intelligence through interoception & propreoception, study functional anatomy & physiology, integrate western & eastern perspectives, understand anatomy of the subtle body/energy body including the chakras, the koshas, the bhandas, the vayus and mudras. We will compare the contemporary knowledge of neuro-science with esoteric theory.

You will study in depth and offer a presentation to the group on one or two key topics in physiology and directly relate this back to yogic practice.

Breath – We will explore various breathing techniques in depth including Pranayama, breath retention techniques, with detailed information about when, where & how to practice & teach them and equally important, when not to use them.

Meditation – Explore various key meditation techniques including traditional practices from Yoga-Tantra, Buddhist approaches, Mindfulness oriented practice, Patanjali and Taoist tradition as well as practices rooted in contemporary neuroscience.

Mantra – deepen your practice and understanding of why and how to effectively work with sound and vibration through mantra & chanting.

Yogic Psychology – we will go deep into self reflection to enable transformation and revelation, through group work, sharing circles, and one-one feedback sessions. You will also be encouraged to develop as a reflective practitioner so that you can continuously learn-in-action. The elements of yogic psychology will be elucidated so that you can utilise these effectively in your life. Applied yogic psychology will help you love the life you live and live the life you love.

Yogic Philosophy – we will study Patanjali, the Bagavad Gita, the Upanishads the Vedas & Tantric philosophy along with contemporary philosophy such as Ken Wilber. To gain a deeper, perspective on where our teaching comes from, we will also look at the history of yoga, the role of men & women in Yoga historically and consider the evolution of yoga in modern western culture.

Tantra – Yogasara courses are rooted in Tantric philosophy. We will demystify the teachings of Tantra so that they can be translated into contemporary life with authenticity. We will engage in some tantric meditation, body-work and cultivate intimacy with ourselves and each other. We will work within healthy boundaries whilst encouraging loving connection. Tantra acknowledges sexual energy as a powerful force for awakening. We will NOT be engaging in sexual practices as part of this training! Yogasara does however offer specific courses for those who are interested in deepening this aspect of Yoga-Tantra and who meet our criteria- (email by clicking here if you are interested).

As part of our Tantric exploration we will be offering Movement Medicine dance & voice work with guest teacher Yasia Leiserach. Movement Medicine is a Shamanic practice, we will cover the relationship between Shamanism & Tantra.

The Retreat – There is nothing like an intensive period on retreat to deepen your practice. Our retreats are held at a retreat space in Portugal or in France. On retreat, as well as deepening & integrating the course content, we also do lots of fun stuff such Acro-yoga, Kirtan, shared bodywork and other spontaneous events. There is always someone offering complimentary therapies too!

Teaching Initiation – This phenomenal course will cover the following and more…

    • Vinyasa flow – how to make this approach vibrant and powerful.
    • Sequencing – how and why, the physiology and energetics.
    • Restorative practice – a more yin approach, how and why.
    • Therapeutic application – using practice for healing. Working with injuries and rehabilitation.
    • Understanding the menstrual cycle – working with honouring our cycles, most practitioners are women and men and women benefit from a deep and integral relationship with these powerful cycles of life.
    • Pregnancy – understanding pregnancy and incorporating pregnant women into your class.
    • Working with other specific needs groups – children, those working with addiction, mental health issues etc.
    • Hands on facilitation – we don’t ‘adjust’, we help you find your deepest possibilities and we teach this quality of touch that is profound communication.
    • Teaching beginners and intermediate level students.
    • Structural integration – we utilise the principles of Kinesis Myofascial Integration. Sarah and Christopher are both trained in this powerful contemporary modality.
    • Understanding the different asanas and their relationships to each other, this is important in teaching kramas. Kramic teaching is the best way to make practices suit individuals, rather than trying to make individuals fit the practice.
    • Chakras -posture work & energetics.
    • Balancing the endocrine system through practice.
    • How to open & close class – chants, invocations, dedications etc.
    • Working with intention and sankalpa.
    • Yoga nidra.
    • Finding your Dharma – teaching as a calling. This takes teaching yoga beyond the contemporary commercialisation of practice into a much more potent opportunity to teach with complete integrity.
    • Art of teaching – integrating practice as teaching teaching as practice.
    • Integrating yogic philosophy and yogic psychology into class.
    • The clear use of language.
    • Demonstrations – how, why etc.
    • Communicating clearly about the methods of practice.
    • Teaching the range of yogic practices.
    • Micro-teaching.
    • Full class teaching.
    • Spontaneity.
    • Inclusivity.
    • Lesson planning.
    • Course planning.
    • Workshop presentation.
    • Understanding and teaching alignment.
    • Understanding and working with psychological transformation through practice.
    • Working in corporate or institutional settings.
    • Working with single gender groups.
    • Working with sexual energy.
    • Clear boundaries.
    • The psychology of teaching, transference, counter-transference and projection and how to work with these.
    • Legal issues – insurance, contracts, tax etc.
    • Marketing your work – effective outreach.
    • Continuing professional development.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the journey of Initiation that is the Yoga-Tantra Advanced Teacher Training course.

For more information

call Sarah on 07789 501 884 or call Christopher on 07786 928 458


Get in Touch using our contact form.

About Our Courses…

The UK part of our courses run at Yogasara Studio in Bristol. The retreats will be in France or Portugal.
There will be a maximum of 25 students with our two main tutors.
The focus on our courses is always quality contact time for cultivating personal practice and empowerment held within the framework of the exploration of applied Yogic philosophy and explored within a loving committed community of like minded and open hearted souls. Our belief is that authentic teaching arises through practice.
We endeavour to make our courses as child friendly as possible, whilst honouring the workspace needed to cultivate practice. Those with childcare responsibilities are invited to apply.
Places on our courses are subject to successful interview. Confirmation of a place requires a non-refundable deposit to be paid.
Creative financing through instalments is possible. There is no surcharge for paying in this way.
Remember the application process involves e-mailing Sarah and Christopher detailing your practice history to date and saying why you want to join the particular course and what you want to get out of the course, as well as what gifts you have to bring.

You will then be invited to an informal interview either in Bristol, London or virtually on Skype. We very much looking forward to working with you.