Yoga-Tantra Foundation Course – The Journey of Empowerment

Dates for 2017 Course

  • Starting on March 4th – 5th
  • April 8th – 9th
  • May 13th – 14th
  • June 10th – 11th
  • 1 Week retreat will be July 7th – 15th

Next Course dates starts 2018

  • Starting on March 13th -14th 2018
  • April 14th – 15th 2018
  • May 12th – 13th 2018
  • June 16th – 17th 2018
  • Retreat 20th – 26th July 2018

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is predominantly through practical means, your involvement during the modules, one-one feedback, course work, presentations on chosen topics and sharing circles. There are no exams on the 200+ hour course.


Our 200 course is not a teacher training so we are open to practitioners of any level except beginners. Ideally a minimum of 2 years regular practice i.e min attend of 1 class a week and some home practice. If you are really keen and have a regular practice but not 2 years we will assess on an individual basis.


Costs cover all tutorials, teaching and food & accommodation at the retreat. Does not include travel to retreat centre or reading materials.

Four weekends plus a one week retreat – £1495 (this includes a non-refundable deposit of £500) to confirm your place.

There is a 5% discount if you pay the full amount in one payment – £1420.25.

Or After the deposit has been paid to confirm your place, we offer you an instalment plan of 2 payments of £497.50 or 4 payments of £248.75. We can also negotiate alternative payments plans so please ask for details.

Application Process

To ensure you receive the support that you deserve we usually limit the group to max of 20 participants, so early application is recommended. If you are not a Yogasara graduate you need to attend one of Sarah or Christopher’s Classes so we can meet you and see where you are in your practice. You will then be invited to an informal interview with Sarah and/or Christopher. Check the Yogasara timetable for Sarah & Christopher’s classes.


We offer you a 20% discount on the cost of all drop in classes with Chris and Sarah at Yogasara for the duration of the course and 10% discount on workshops offered by Chris or Sarah for the duration of the course.


Yogasara studio, Picton St, Montpelier BS6 5JQ


Christopher: 07786 928 458

Sarah: 07789 501 884


Get in Touch using our contact form.

120 contact hours plus over 100hrs of personal practice and study.

Our Foundation course is all about you! It is a commitment to deepening your practices so that you can use them as medicine and enhance all areas of your life. It could also be used as the first step to becoming a qualified Yoga teacher. We know what a privilege and necessary role teaching authentic yoga is in the modern world. The planet needs people who have found their radiance and want to share it. Our foundation course is about supporting you to develop your practice, deepen your knowledge and experience genuine transformation.

Course Content…

Learning will include individual practice, led & self-practice & group work. For those wanting to progress to teacher training there will be a requirement to keep a practice journal, attend a minimum of two classes a week for six months or a combination of this and attending other workshops by Yogasara approved teachers. You would need to fulfil min 80 hours further to the 120 contact hours of the foundation course.

Yoga Philosophy – an exploration of different perspectives including Tantric, Sutric, Buddhism, Wilberian & others. Includes history of yoga from male/female perspectives. We will begin to study Patanjali.

A deep enquiry into Tantric philosophy, why we share it & how it is relevant for contemporary Yoga practitioners.

Asana – In depth exploration of the body, somatic intelligence, biomechanics, applied anatomy & physiology, intelligent alignment principles and understanding functional movement, including applied knowledge from our Kinesis Myofascial training.

Breath – We will teach you various breathing techniques, how & why & when to use them. We will explore pranayama, breathing techniques which involve retention.

Meditation – We will also look at the mechanics of meditation through the lens of physiology and yogic psychology, to understand how it actually works. There will be opportunity to deepen your experience and to cultivate meditative awareness through sitting and somatic practice.

Mantra – an introduction to working with sound and vibration though mantra and chanting.

Yogic Psychology – A synergy of western and eastern psychology, including a contemporary application of the Yamas & Niyamas from Patanjali. Through Svadyaha (self reflection) you can develop your understanding and recognition of any unconscious psycho-physical patterns behaviours that may reveal your hidden or sometimes
obvious mental & emotional imbalances.

Tantra – offers us diverse ways to awaken through the senses. We will explore voice, dance, movement and intimacy in a safe, inclusive environment, with highly qualified teachers.

Tantra also includes an understanding about how to engage in ceremony and ritual for healing and awakening. We will introduce this, in relation to, sankalpa- working with intention.

Open Circle – we will use sharing circles to support and learn from one another with kindness and respect. A loving group is a great resource and a profound place to grow.

Teaching prep – For those who want to teach we will begin relating how the deepening journey of your own learning can translate into teaching. We will encourage you to undertake further study in your own personal development and in Anatomy & physiology which is a vast topic necessary for safe, physio-therapeutic practice and teaching.

Yogasara is a Community Interest Company. We are passionate about creating and living community. We believe that people thrive within a loving supportive environment. We have support from Yogasara graduates on all of our trainings for the benefit of new students and to support the ongoing development of our graduates.

We are relational beings and Tantric yoga recognises the power of healthy relationship with ourselves and other as a means to profound wellbeing. This health, vitality and connection with self and other inevitably spills out into the world and inspires care and respect. Tantra promotes a profound gratitude and love of life and care for the planet.

You will will receive a 200 hour+ Foundation certificate accredited by the IYN Independent Yoga network on successful completion of the course.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the journey of empowerment that is the Yoga-Tantra Foundation course. This is the first stage of becoming a Yogasara accredited teacher.

For more information call Sarah on 07789 501 884, call Christopher on 07786 928 458 or Get in Touch using our contact form.

About Our Courses…

The UK part of our courses run at Yogasara Studio in Bristol. The retreats will be in France or Portugal.
There will be a maximum of 20 students with our two main tutors.
The focus on our courses is always quality contact time for cultivating personal practice and empowerment held within the framework of the exploration of applied Yogic philosophy and explored within a loving committed community of like minded and open hearted souls. Our belief is that authentic teaching arises through practice.
We endeavour to make our courses as child friendly as possible, whilst honouring the workspace needed to cultivate practice. Those with childcare responsibilities are invited to apply.
Places on our courses are subject to successful interview. Confirmation of a place requires a non-refundable deposit to be paid.
Creative financing through instalments is possible. There is no surcharge for paying in this way.
Remember the application process involves e-mailing Sarah and Christopher detailing your practice history to date and saying why you want to join the particular course and what you want to get out of the course, as well as what gifts you have to bring.

You will then be invited to an informal interview either in Bristol, London or virtually on Skype. We very much looking forward to working with you.

For more info call Sarah on 07789 501 884, call Christopher on 07786 928 458 or Get in Touch using our contact form.